Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Holiday painting - NWF Artizan Sikhs

I took a small TMWWBK unit of the very nice Artizan 2nd Afghan War Sikhs on holiday with me.
Despite it being gloriously sunny all week (in Scotland of all places!) I still found time to paint them up.

Really lovely models to paint. I followed the same method as for the British I've done previously. The images I found seemed a little contradictory about whether Indian units wore leather or webbing - in the end I went with leather to match the Brits.
Just a Mountain Gun to go now and I should have a starter force for Tim Wubbuk games.

I missed Partizan due to being in the aforementioned balmy climes of Scotland. However James and Matt acted as bagmen/white metal mules and picked up some more Pathans, so I can get the opposition sorted.
Great service from Old Glory who I left it until the very last minute to call.

To finish, here's a slightly better lit shot of the Artizan Pathans from the last post

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Artizan Pathans

A quick pair of shots taken under natural light (so a bit dark) of 12 Artizan NWF Tribesmen with muskets.
Lovely models to paint.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

More Sharp Practice

The stars aligned, the fates were auspicious and somehow or another the Sherwood Hucknall and Ilkeston Team managed to get together for a game at the Ilko Gaming hut.
I wanted to play Sharp Practice and no-one else had a better idea (AoS is definitively NOT a better idea). Originally I had plans for starting a campaign, but ran out of time and inclination and so we just played another standard game using the basic first scenario.
Each side took standard forces and with a high roll on the support chart General B and I added an extra unit of skirmishing infantry, a level 1 leader and a deployment point. The French added a bunch more men and another deployment point.
I forget the exact details of much of what happened (I’ve had a sleep since then. And been to a wedding where ale was taken) so you’ll have to make do with some pictures.

 The Redcoats arrive

 And more...

 Skirmish screen in place

 Voltigeurs open fire

 Cavalry make a first appearance in our games


 Thin red line (with added shock)

 More firing occurs

 A surfeit of voltigeurs

 Hussars charge home

 Firing drives back the redocats

More bang!

The game stagnated into a long range firefight and a late charge home by the hussars didn't meet with the expected success.
Eventually the British were badly mauled and withdrew.

I fear the Sherwood Hucknall and Ilko Team are not feeling the love for Sharp Practice. The general feeling (well, the General Ballroom feeling) is that it seems quite complicated to achieve quite a simple result. I see what he means, but I think that’s probably our fault rather than the rules being to blame. Each time we play we’ve forgotten/not looked up what happens, so the first half and more of the game is spent frantically looking stuff up, disagreeing and forgetting about the cards. So we’re not really seeing the rules in their full light.
I like the system and think it’s got plenty of depth and possibilities, but it needs one of us to actually properly learn the rules and lead the other through it, rather than our current “wing it and refer to charts” approach. If Steve is the one to do this it’ll just mean he wins games even more easily that he currently does and Gen B. and I will feel sad. The good General can’t be expected to do it as he’s hopeless at rules and is recovering from a stroke. So I guess it’s down to me. So I’m planning on taking the rules on holiday with me in the hope that when I come back I’ll be a proper ninja master of SP and we can have some fun.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

More jungle scenery

This time with added trees.
I made the trees with twisted wire and then covered the armature with bog roll soaked in PVA.

I'm starting to finally run out of aquarium plants, so my jungle must be nearly finished

Monday, 1 August 2016

Old Glory (and some Tiger Miniatures) Pathans (3)

I painted up the last of the bag O'Pathans I picked up at Partizan.
I bulked the remaining six out to twelve with some Tiger Miniatures models I picked up at Barrage.
Not to put too fine a point on it he Tiger models are terrible. Really rough and harking back to models I'd have rejected when I was twelve. You can still see the sculptors thumb print in some of the clothing, and were this CSI:Wargames I'd have used it to have him hunted down and jailed for crimes against sculpting.
I paid 50p each for them - had I paid 50p for the lot I think I'd have been over charged. However they were a quick and dirty fix to get me a third unit of riflemen. One which will turn out to be expensive when I replace them with Artizan or Perry models a short way down the track.
Scrivs always wisely says "life's too short to paint shit models", but as I'd already undercoated these and all I was doing was slapping a few base coats and a wash on I persisted. Though it made me sad.
Anyway, here's the unit.

And here are the Tiger models (look away now if you value your eyes)

This is about the best of them
(You can see I lost the will to live a bit with this one and he's a bit crudely painted.

Here's some of the nicer Old Glory models to take the taste away

And finally two more Tiger models that I bought to bulk out the OG bag of swordsmen I'm ordering this week to make two units of 16.

All bendy swords, odd anatomy and misshapen limbs. My poor eyes.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Jungle scenery

I've taken advantage of the absence of offspring and a sunny weekend to make some terrain.
Yes I know I should probably be painting soldiers, but, y'know sometimes you just gotta follow the muse.

Anyway I finished these two bits with big rocks on. The rocks are some yellow foam the builders left around when doing the extension. The rest is MDF and aquarium plants.

I guess this means it's time for another Adventures in Jimland trip for the Ballroom Expedition.
Or possibly that it's time to persuade the Sherwood Hucknall and Ilkeston Team to play some Triumph and Tragedy Darkest Africa style.
Or both.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Of Gods and Mortals - Greeks v Spanish

With my kids away for a few weeks I have some more evenings when I'm not ferrying to and forth from swimming club and can instead get some games of soldiers in.
James and I haven't played a game for ages so this was too good an opportunity to pass up. He fancied a game of Of Gods and Mortals and having painted a Greek force only for the attention of the Gaming Heir to wander off I was more than happy to comply.
After exchanging small talk with James' charming daughter (subjects covered included castles, Wales, dolphins and dressing like a pirate) she was eventually persuaded it was bedtime and we could set up and get it on.

I took Hermes, eight naked Spartans, the Minotaur, Medusa, 6 archers and four centaurs.
James was itching to get some Spanish themed models on the table, so he took (and forgive me for not getting their names) a Portuguese Javelin god, three heroes - a beautiful woman, a fighty chap and a standard toting fellow  - and then a unit of armoured infantry, thix thpanish thlingers and a small cavalry unit.

We scattered some lovely scenery about in a pleasing fashion, diced for the location of the fountain of youth and then deployed in the scatered fashion the rules demand.

Then we looked at each other and hesitantly tried to remember the rules...

 Fighty Spanish Hero and some infantry in the rocks

 Thlingers preparing the thling thtones

 Buff Spartans in the buff

 The big Bull lad lurks by a ruin

Hermes swoops in

 Greek archers lurk in the olive grove

We each of us remembered some of it and so the game began a little hesitantly. My centaurs turned out to be drunk. Oh good.
However over on my left Medusa slithered forward, drew back her bow and swiftly dispatched the Spanish Beauty.
Hermes meanwhile shot out of cover and smacked into the Spanish in the rocks. Unfortunately the combat was a draw and he whizzed back to his starting spot.

Turn two and the huge Spanish god lumbered forward and lobbed javelins the size of telegraph poles at the archers, killing three.
Then we remembered the actual rules for killing stuff and put two models back. We weren't sure but decided Medusa probably had actually killed Juanita de las Tetas Grandes.

In my turn Hermes whizzed out and had a pop at the Portuguese Javelinist but to no avail.

Candygram for Mongo, candygram for Mongo

Flush with success Medusa slithered out toward the slingers, but copped a rock to the snakes and fell over. Missing no opportunity the Spanish fighty lad, Juan Punch leaped off his rock and sliced off her head.

I continued my advance whilst the Javelin god slaughtered the last of the archers.

The Spanish infantry, fearing the Minotaur would be too much for slinger to handle broke cover. The Minotaur bellowed a challenge and hurled himself into the fray.

Hermes decided to avenge his snake headed henchwoman but the result was another tie.

The Spanish infantry proved rather tougher than the Mino had imagined and he was cut down, leaving the infantry to close in on the centaurs.
The initial combat was a draw.
However Hermes, seeing no way out decided to take on the Spanish god once more, and despite prayers from the Spartans he lost and was banished from the mortal realm.
Unfortunately this was too much for the drunken centaurs who fled the field, taking me below break point and handing James the game.

That was good fun. I do like the Song Of... engine. It provides a fog of war effect without it being completely random - you can gamble or not - which makes for interesting decisions. The god/hero/mortal tiers and interactions add another interesting dimension to the core mechanics.
James an I were both pretty rusty, but had managed to remember most of it by the end.

Hoping for another game before the holidays are over.

A couple of questions.

What's the advantage of Close Order? All it seems to be is a series of negatives (harder to move, penalty for flank charge) with no bonus we can see. Given the scale of the game there's no need for a close order formation so we couldn't understand what purpose it served.

Secondly what mythical beasts did the Spanish believe existed in this period? What's the Iberian equivalent of Medusa? If anyone has any suggestions leave them in the comments and I'll let James know.