Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Perry Miniatures Agincourt crossbowmen

As part of my "oh for god's sake just paint something will you" push last week. I applied liberal quantities of pigment and GW washes to these six models.
They're from the plastic French Agincourt set.
Very much quick and dirty they are however done (at least apart from basing - I've run out of the correct brown).

They'll eventually get another six models and form a unit for Lion Rampant.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

OGAM Poseidon versus Hermes

A clash of the titans with the Gaming Heir as we pulled out the Greeks for a game of Of Gods and Mortals.

He took Poseidon (just the standard version from the rulebook, rather than the homebrew monster version he concocted for the last game) 8 Greek Armoured Hopilites, 4 archers, 4 Centaurs and the Nemean Lion.
I had Hermes, 8 Spartans (naked), 4 archers, Medusa and the Hydra.

I had slightly fewer points so won the roll off and set up the scenery. The Gaming Heir then won the roll off for first deployment and we duly deployed.

 Spartan Archers enjoying the view

 NSFW Nekkid Spartans

 Hermes, having a bit of a hop and skip

 The lion and the hopilites discuss pre-game tactics

 Archers of Poseidon enjoying a different view.

 The table from above

The game began with the hydra pushing toward the centaurs (who were, of course a bit drunk)
Foolishly I encouraged the Gaming Heir to attack - thinking the centaurs would whup the Hydra.
Then we read the rules and realised the Hydra was quite hard and the centaurs were duly destroyed.

Recoving the youth sent the invulnerable Lion to fight the Spartans. Not expecting to win, but expecting not to die and thus frustrate the Spartan advance. Which is pretty much exactly what happened for the next twelve trillion turns.

Hermes whizzed off to bully Poseidon's archers.
Meanwhil the aquatic deity wrought his vengeance upon the hydra.

Finally the Spartnas found a way forward, only to meet the Greek shieldwall AND the Lion.

Poseidon decided to unleash the Kraken - which went off to eat archers

 *Attenborough voice* And here we see the rare and beautiful Kraken in it's natural environment atop a grassy knoll.

In the centre the shieldwalls could get no real purchase on one another

So Poseidon decided to lend a hand

At which point Hermes razzed over, smacked him inna da heed and much to everyone's surprise banished him from the mortal real.

However frevent prayer by the hopilites saw him return almost immediately.

At this point the gods spent several truns killing one another and being summoned back.
Finally Poseidon decide more beast unleashing was necessary and the Kraken headed for the Spartans.

With pretty inevitable consequences....

And with all my mortals dead the game was up and I was the loser.

We both really enjoyed this.
I like the Song of... engine and the Greek models are fun.
I must try an wean the GH away from his 40K obsession so we can play this more often.

Monday, 24 July 2017

WAB Late Roman Army for Peterborough

Many (many) moons ago I started painting some Late Romans for WAB.
Then it stalled and I got distracted and, you know, stuff.
Anyway Andy Hawes and his chums are organising an Age of Arthur WAB event at Peterborough later in the year.
So I've decided to try and use the event as a spur to finally finish off the Late Romans.
I'm also going to use the Lead Adventure Army Painters informal thing to galvanise me - aiming for a unit a month!
We shall see how I get on
I figure I can always bulk them out with Saxon allies if I don't quite get them done in time!

I have a finished unit of unarmoured spearmen:

I also have a unit of armoured spearmen who just need a command finishing and their shields sorting out. So I started on finishing off the command last week.

But I knew I'd bought some other stuff, so I scrambled up in to the loft to see just what I had actually got squirreled away.

A mysterious box, a mysterious bag and a pair of blisters

Blister one is some Late Roman casualty figures in resin from Curtey's miniatures. Not essential (or even very useful) for WAB, but nice to have.

Blister two is the Musketeer Vortigern and banner bearer model. Clearly bought some time ago as Musketeer has been Footsore for several years now.

The myterious bag contained three other mysterious bags

Bags 1 and 2 are some "Romano British" Musketeer models that came out a bit after the initial release - ideal for adding variety.

Bag three is some Gripping Beast Late Roman casualties. So I've got the dead and dying thing well and truly covered. Just as well as any of my regular opponents will attest.

Finally a mystery box. That I picked up from the Gripping Beasty Boys at Salute a few years ago. (I've not been two the last two Salutes and I didn't buy it at the one before that. Or probably the one before that either)

What's inside is a mixed unit of Musketeer spearmen and archers. With no command.

Plenty to be going at there for the time being.
However I think I need to do some thinking about the army.

In my head it's a late Roman Army, just about the time the legions departed.
I've got two solid spearmen units almost finished.
I'd like a unit of Peydts I think - representing local militia types (with Chi-Rho shields to differentiate them from the trained Late Roman professionals).
I would also like some cavalry, chiefly because the Footsore stuff is so very nice.

 I obviously had some sort of plan when I bought most of this but I'm buggered if I can remember what it was.

With what I have I can do
Tribune and Decurio ASB
24 commanipulares with light armour, large shield and javelins
24 Milites large shield and javelins
24 Peydt large shield
8 Sagittari
Which is already comfortably over 1K points

Of course I could give my General Fabricae and then make the Commanipulares Milites with light armour. That would mean I could have a unit of Heavy Cavalry...

I think I may need to seek some advice...

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Paint table Sunday

I have been in something of a painting funk recently - I couldn't be bothered to get any soldiers and paints out (I am not fortunate enough to have a permanent space I can leave them set up) or even think where to start.
In the end this week I forced myself to just paint something, anything to try and kick-start things.
So I did.
And here's what I've been up to:

 An Orky Deffkopta - these are dead good in the new rules, and the fact that only one of the three I use was finished was beginning to irk me. So this is the second one, moved on quite a bit - still a little tidying up to do, but nearly there.

High Marshall Helbrecht for the Gaming Heir's BT collection. A fantastic example of the sculptor's art and therefore far to fussy and detailed for the likes of me. A proper faff and I'm barely a quarter of the way through...

Some Musketeer Late Romans. Now Footsore Romans but they were Musketeer when I bought them!
This is part of my New Project(tm) of which more to come later this week...

I also painted some Perry Agincourt crossbowmen, but as they're pretty much finished they'll get their own post in a day or two.

Friday, 14 July 2017

40K 8th Ed Marines v Orks v Nids

In an inversion of the natural order of things Steve has actually written his version of this game up before I've had the chance!
But don't read it yet. Read mine first.
I'll link to his again at the end.

Earlier this year Warboss Gruzzkup laid claim to the shattered remains of once mighty Imperial World of Ilkestaaan IV.
In an attempt to reclaim the planet a force of Salamanders Space Marines has been dispatched to the planet.
However the first slimy tendril of another, grimmer alien threat is also beginning to ensnare the doomed world....

I would have Orks. I nearly decided to try out the Son and Heir's now discarded Eldar before realising they'd make my brane hurt.
Stephen decided he'd use Marines. Picking from his all the colours of the rainbow assortemnt of the Emperor's finest he settled on the green ones.
General Ballroom meanwhile had grown an extra pair of arms and a chitinous carapace and would be playing with Tyranids.

 Gruzzkup assembles da ladz

 Ooooh. Melty

 Yikes, Infestation

 More meltiness

The Tyranids deployed in one corner, I deployed diagobnally opposite - in order to stay a safe distance away which forced Steve to deploy across the table from a sackload of Genestealers.

I decided that I should follow Orky ancestral finkin' and attacked the age old nemesis the Space Marines.

 Yikes, Here dey come!

 Stab, stomp, slash!
Pretty soon I'd killed a dreadnought and a whole squad of marines. And the apothecary, for no reason other than lolz.
I had however lost most of my mob of boys, my nobz and my warboss in the process. The Marine Captain was weak, but still handing it out.
This left the 'Nids free to gambol playfully about the ruins.

Right up until they raced across the board and started eating my Trukk

At about this point if it were a Black Library novel the two hereditary foes - Orks and Marines would have shown grudging respect for one another and united against the rapacious alien menace.
Instead Steve killed the rest of my boys and then shot a Deffkopta.

Meanwhile the Salamanders were also being pounced upon.

The Trukk didn't last long, and although the boys were a decent match for the 'stealers but time (and green bodies) were running out

Finally the 'Nids faced off against the elite fighting Assault Marines.

And ate them all double quick.

The game was over, neither Steve nor I had many men left and the 'Nids were virtually untouched. The conquest has begun...

Another fun game of 40K.
The 'Nids seem a bit frisky TBQH. I think Burnaz may be the way to go.

Oh yeah, you can go and read this now.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Oppy Wood - a Square Bashing game

Despite demoing the Oppy Wood game at Partizan back in May, James and I had never actually sat down and played the full game to a conclusion. On the day I'd spent most of the time running the 54mm game and although James had played some turns of the 12mm game inevitably talking to punters and explaining the game and background meant little real progress was made.

So we decided we needed to actually play the 12mm game through properly. Eventually we were able to align diaries and so James, myself and Simon (who drove all the way over from Buxton to Nottingham on a Monday evening - thanks mate!) convened to play Oppy Wood.

The Germans had eight units deployed in trenches with one in reserve in the Chateau in the Woods.
The British had twelve units and would be allowed to bring on some artillery support once troops had made it into the trenches.
The game is actually scaled down from the usual scale of Square Bashing where one unit of four bases represents a battalion. For our game each four stand unit represents a company with four such units making up a battalion. So James and I took command of two battalions of regulars (the 10th and 11th East Yorkshires) and a single battalion of reservists/lower quality troops to represent the 12th East Yorks who'd been in action more recently and therefore had a higher proportion of new recruits than the other two battalions.

The initial depletion of the German forces didn't go as well as they had at Partizan and as a result the Hull Pals would be (as they did in the actual battle) attacking well dug in and resolute German defenders.

The assault began with a general advance from the British, but they soon began to become entangled in the barbed wire (none of which had been cut by the initial bombardment - just like the real battle).
The British artillery called in a barrage, but most shots fell long or short though a single German company was pushed back.

The Germans in return called down a suppression barrage, further disrupting British progress

However in the centre of the line D company of the 11th East Yorks, led by 2nd Lieutenant Jack Harrison manged to breach the German defences and capture part of the trench line.

Unfortunately the British were unable to bring up enough units in support to make the breakthrough count.

Over on the right the 12th East Yorks were making no headway against undamaged German defenders (unlike in reality where the attackers on this flank made it all the way to Oppy before being captured by a German counter attack).
And on the left the 10th were facing overwhelming numbers as German reinforcements began to arrive.

At this point a British barrage caught some Germans in the open, wreaking havoc.

But the left flank still held firm

British troops tried to capitalise on the centre breakthrough but the wire and stiff German resistance was still causing problems and a German barrage didn't help matters.

Finally with the day drawing to a close D Company led an assault from the German trenches into the wood itself, but were thrown back with heavy casualties.

And with that the game ended.
The British assault had never really got going - a combination of barbed wire and caution by the British commanders meant the attack was too little too late and the Germans were able to bring up reinforcements.
So Oppy Wood, as it did in 1917, remained firmly in German hands and the British butchers bill was high indeed.

A really great evening with good company and the game itself looked brilliant. All James' hard work on the scenery really paid off and I'm really pleased we saw the project through.

If you'd like to see the game in the metal James and I are hoping to take it to the Hereward show in Pterborough in September - hope to see some of you there.