Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Rumble in the Pass - A TMWWBK AAR

Filled with enthusiasm after our last game General Ballroom and I persuaded Steve to join us for another game of TMWWBK.
Gen B. unfurled his rather super new mat for the occasion (which for some reason has a rather bluish cast in the pictures).
Steve took the plucky Brits, a Sikh unit of which had recently rescued the lovely "Creamy" Beatrix and were planning to hold on to her until help arrived.
General B took command of the Pathans and I drank beer and adjudicated.

The Sikhs prepare to defend Beatrix's honour (such as it is)

Pathan hordes arrive

Close Order is formed

The Pathans rush on

The thin kahki line gives fire 

Pathan swarm across the hills

The Sikhs are cut down and Beatrix is at the mercy of the Pathans

The 99th Humbersiders arrive

Beatrix is abandoned

More Pathans approach their target

But the Humbersiders are resolute

The last fatal charge of the Ghazis

In the end the plucky Brits won out.
I think I may need more scenery - the natives SEM very vulnerable. The field fun also feels horrendously powerful I may just paint some more soldiers so I don't feel obliged to...ummm...field one every game.
The game certainly cracks along I'm sure we'll play again soon.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Of Gods and Mortals Zeus versus Hermes

Last week I pottered over to see chum James. Following my game against the Gaming Heir the other week I was up for more OGAM and James has been beavering away at a Greek force for a while. So it was ON! Hermes versus Zeus INA battle for the temple.

Naked Spartans defend the ruins

Look at the size of that!

James has created a Talos, Bronze giant in the style of the Harryhausen one we all know and love from Jason and the Argonauts using a tourist Noel he acquired on Crete.

The king of the gods manifests

Another of James' models fashioned from tourist statues.

Zeus confronts the Spartans

The Nemean Lion appears to assist Hermes

Medusa and the Hopilites take on Jason

Lion versus Bull

The Nemean Lion fancies easier prey

Zeus to the rescue

The Talos deals with Hermes

In the end a pretty easy victory for Zeus. James has played more OGAM then I recently, so even though his force was new to him he still knew what he was doing far better than I.
Great fun game with splendid company and James' scenery makes it even better.